A large wooden green chair stands on wheels with a table attached at the front of it

Carl Hendrickson – Chair. Courtesy of Creative Growth.

The work of 16 contemporary sculptors is part of an innovative exhibition jointly organized by DisArt, a Grand Rapids based arts and cultural organization promoting the full participation of disabled people in and through the arts.

Through examples of three-dimensional practice including sculpture, performance, installation and video art; this exhibition emphasizes the relationship between disability and the fundamental human experiences of change and embodiment.

The exhibition – much of which will be available online though the DisArt website and via DisabilityArtsOnline – offers audiences a survey of contemporary disability sculpture through artists whose work represents local, national and global perspectives on the experiences of living with disability.

Cornerstone to this exhibition is the Sister-State relationship between the State of Michigan and the Shiga Prefecture in Japan, a region long celebrated for its commitment to disability arts.

A survey of contemporary disability sculpture, it also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sister-State relationship and expands globally in a dynamic collection of objects contextualized by both contemporary and legacy artists from Michigan, Europe, Australia and Japan, including works by the world-renowned Judith Scott.

“This exhibition presents some of the finest examples of contemporary Disability sculpture in a wide variety of media, from ceramics to video installations and traditional sculptural techniques to performative works. The depths and dimensions of this exhibition are both enlightening and rewarding.” said Becherer.

Visitors will be welcomed into the exhibition by several accessibility measures carefully designed by DisArt and Meijer Gardens to encourage the full participation of all visitors, including audio descriptions, altered installation practices and other digital resources.

This exhibition coincides with DisArt’s Process and Presence 2018 season of events which includes a fashion show (22 September) and multiple educational opportunities and artist engagements, all to be held at Meijer Gardens.

“The objects in this powerful collection speak to the global experience of disability, offering visitors new understanding of how creativity and identity are directly linked,” said DisArt Co-Director Christopher Smit.

“The exhibition is a collection of art objects that are both intriguing and relatable to the experienced art lover and those new to the gallery setting. When displayed together, the work strengthens our understanding of disability as a cultural identity and successfully challenges commonly held negative assumptions about the Disabled experience.” explained Jill Vyn, Co-Director of DisArt.

Exhibition Programming
Exhibition programs are included with admission, drop-in, and do not require advanced tickets or registration.
• Artist Demonstrations
See process and presence first hand! Before or after you see the artwork in the galleries, observe and interact with an artist in the exhibition. Each artist will be working on a piece similar to their complete artwork on display. Feel free to take a seat and enjoy watching an artist at work or get a bit closer and ask the artist questions directly.
Norimitsu Kokubo, paper installation artist
September 15th, 11:00 am
Wesley DeVries, credit card installation artist
October 14, 1:00 pm
• Gallery Chat Sandie Yi
Wednesday, September 26, 1:00-2:00 pm

Sandi Yi is both an artist and activist. Stop by the gallery to view her artwork and listen to her speak about how she envisions her own body as an artistic medium for advocacy, creativity, and identity. This chat is informal – the artist will be stationed near her artworks and available for conversation.

• Curators Lecture
November 4, 2:00 pm
Join Dr. Lisa VanArragon as she highlights and interprets much of the artwork in the exhibition. She will explore themes of disability cultural identity through the artistic methods, meaning, and materials present in the galleries. This lecture will be closed captioned.
• Film Screening
November 6, 6:00 pm

ART21 Episode 9: San Francisco Bay
In the latest installment of the Peabody Award winning series on art happening in the 21st century, several artists in the San Francisco Bay area are highlighted for their thoughtful and critical practice. Among them are several artists working with the Center for Creative Growth, a disability arts organization also featured in the exhibition Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture. The film will be closed captioned.

For information about DisArt’s 2018 Process and Presence season of events, visit disartnow.org


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, East Beltline Avenue Northeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA