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About DisArt

DisArt is a production company and arts and culture organization that focuses its energy on creating public art events that cultivate and communicate a Disabled culture. All of this work presents the highest quality, contemporary art done by Disabled artists from around the world.

We believe that expressions of a Disabled cultural identity can transform society from awareness to understanding to belonging, creating a community that enjoys the full and equitable participation of all Disabled people.

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September 28, noon – 9pm
September 29, noon – 4pm
@ Tanglefoot

The core of the exhibition includes audio recordings of voices of people living with disabilities presented in both audio and captioned formats. The speakers offer narratives of disability that are rarely heard, and act as an invitation to those who are on their own journey of self-discovery about what it means to be Disabled.

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Access Infrastructure

September 7 – October 27
@ Tanglefoot

DisArt is working in collaboration with Project 1 by ArtPrize artists Ted Lott and Paul Amenta to create an experience that accounts for the Disability community and raises the standards of accessibility so that all visitors can participate. DisArt will showcase Access Infrastructure during the Voices immersive exhibition on September 28 and September 29.

Disability Drag Show

September 7 & September 8
@ Wealthy Theatre

Audiences of the Disability Drag Show can expect an evening of high quality art performance, as well as thought-provoking happenings in which stereotypes and misunderstandings about the experience of disability are rearranged and replaced.

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About DisCourse

DisCourse is a consulting and coaching group dedicated to helping businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations craft comprehensive strategies of accessibility and inclusion. Through careful audits of existing institutional missions and goals, instructional workshops, communication and marketing review, and systematic access planning, DisCourse helps multiple types of communities create standards of accessibility that move beyond ADA compliance. This work is informed by findings and experiences associated with DisArt and its public programming.

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About DisTopia

DisTopia is a podcast produced by DisArt which looks at disability from the inside out. This podcast’s central goal is to raise the voice, visibility, and value of the Disabled community through conversation and critical reflection. DisTopia operates as the primary educational portion of DisArt, and is meant to distribute and drive attention to curricular projects, teaching moments, and other DisArt happenings.


Podcast Episode 22
Art Basel w/Art Lifting

Join Chris and Jill for this episode recorded in 2018 for the untitled art fair, a mainstay exhibition of the extravaganza known and as Art Basel in Miami Beach. In this installment, the podcast talks to Elliot Taylor of Art Lifting, an organization working to bring disability arts to the mainstream market.

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DisArt believes that Disabled people should have the right to choose WHEN and IF they want protection.

Yes, and…This shirt is in direct response to the discrimination the Drag Syndrome artists have experienced during their debut trip to the United States AND it is for anyone who is the recipient of unwanted protection from others.

DisArt will email you with information about pick up dates/locations. $25 ($5 refunded at time of pickup. Shirts not picked up will be mailed)

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