About DisArt

Embracing Disability Culture Through Art and Activism

Welcome to DisArt, an artist-centered nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and cultivating Disability Culture. We work to reshape perceptions and practices by embracing the rich tapestry of disability history, community, and identity beyond medical diagnoses and legal compliance.

DisArt champions a “both/and” philosophy, accepting multiple truths and identities to disrupt systems that hinder belonging, dignity, care, and growth. Through art and activism, we unite those who challenge barriers and promote love as the ultimate form of access.

A building exterior at night illuminated by a vibrant and colorful light projection featuring numerous blurry, glowing orbs in shades of blue, pink, and yellow, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Silhouettes of people can be seen near the entrance and in front of the building, interacting under the captivating light display.
Projection at DisArt ELEVATE Fashion Show

At DisArt, we are guided by the core values of Belonging, Care, Dignity, and Continuous Becoming, shaping a more equitable future while intentionally creating space where everyone is valued and everyone contributes.




Continuous Becoming

A diverse group of people gathered at an outdoor community event on a sunny day, with a basketball court in the background. The group includes two women in black t-shirts, one wearing a white t-shirt with a blue cap, a man in a camouflage vest and hat, and another man in a wheelchair. They are smiling and engaged in a friendly conversation, creating a warm, inclusive atmosphere.
Art of Disruption workshop members

Cultivating Community & Continuous Becoming in Art

DisArt collaborates with artists, activists, audiences, and administrators to bridge our guiding philosophy with practices that foster continuous becoming. This is fueled by a commitment to collective responsibility, cultivating intimacy and love where all are valued.

By focusing on collaboration, community, and the process over product, DisArt supports contributing artists on an ever-evolving journey of philosophy and practice. Join us on this transformative journey as we work together to create a world where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

"We honor and lean into the complexity of our human lived experience, highlighting intersectionality as an opportunity for empathy, understanding, and belonging. We aim to dismantle systemic barriers of ableism, racism, sexism, classism, settler colonialism, and ageism, understanding that disruption is essential for systemic change."

Le’Andra LeSeur, Creative Director, DisArt

Juried Grand Prize Winner of ArtPrize in 2018

Close-up portrait of a young Black woman with short, natural hair, wearing a black sweater and a silver cross earring. She has a contemplative expression and is looking directly at the camera. The background features an abstract blue painting, adding a vivid contrast to her dark attire and thoughtful demeanor.
Le'Andra LeSeur, Creative Director, DisArt