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2019 Annual Report

Awareness is the beginning.  Understanding is the journey.  Belonging is the goal. Throughout this past year we have witnessed the transformative nature of isability arts and culture.  We are excited to have reached a moment of clarity in the growth and direction of our organization. Over the past 5 years, DisArt has created ripples of […]

Adaptive Strategic Plan

Like many new organizations, DisArt’s first years were filled with the excitement and stress of a start-up working to discover who the DisArt community of constituents would ultimately be. Four years later, with unprecedented victories in artistic programming and community impact, DisArt has begun to study the community it has created to discover the bonds that hold it together and help it grow. The adaptive strategic plan will guide DisArt in aligning and amplifying its organizational values to strengthen the bonds of its community and pursue programming, networks and funding sources.


DisArt believes that expressions of a Disabled culture can transform communities from awareness, to understanding, to belonging, ensuring the full and equitable participation of all Disabled people.


DisArt Co-Directors and the Board work together to drive community conversations in Grand Rapids and beyond about accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.