DisArt Creative Director Presents at Upswell Conference 2023

DisArt’s Creative Director Le’Andra LeSeur presented at the Upswell Conference in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas on November 16, 2023. Le’Andra’s presentation centered the power of art to ‘disrupt’ and push for communal change that cultivates belonging and a more accessible and inclusive future. This opportunity which was funded in part by the Michigan Arts and Culture […]

Spotlight Zine

Spotlight Zine call image

Spotlight Zine is created by GrandRapids High School Senior Hudson Brandt to bring recognition and voice to the experiences of disabled and marginalized people through illustration.

A Fragmented Story

A poem written by Dominick Harper about his journey of intersectionality, disability, and understanding of self.

Dominick Harper

2020 Was One of the Best Years of My Life.

Self-portrait of Inês that was edited in order to make it seem like a drawing. Inês is a portuguese white woman. She lays on the floor and stares at the camera. She wears a white cloth mask with small pink flowers in it. There are disposable face masks around her, on the floor. -there is a card box wrapped in a white sheet of print paper that reads “EMPATHY”.

“2020 helped me see the world with a rejuvenated perspective. It helped me understand even more that the world was ready, it just wasn’t using its resources the right way, meaning, the world could be accessible for everyone if we wanted it to be.”

Inês Mália Sarmento

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You Will Be Welcomed

“…no matter what point of your journey you are, you are welcome to be part of the chronically ill and disability communities. You are welcome just to scroll through posts, you are welcome just to watch videos, you are welcome just to leave likes or follow others. I’m here to tell you that you do not need to be an activist to be part of these communities, and that you will receive love from it, just by being the amazing human being that you are, because just by existing, our energy makes a difference in this world.”

Inês Mália Sarmento

Dynamic Disability

Inês Mália Sarmento

“Just because my disability and needs vary from day to day, or even on the same day, it does not invalidate my disabled experience. We need to keep pushing forward so that others too can affirm their disabled identity.”

Inês Mália Sarmento