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Moving From Disability Compliance to Culture

June 6

2pm - 3pm ET
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June 13

2pm - 3pm ET
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DisArt Academy is offering a new public webinar called “Moving From Disability Compliance to Culture”. The webinar will cover essential concepts of disability such as preferred terminology, evolving approaches, and common misconceptions. Learn about fostering inclusive, accessible environments and ask questions.

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The Welcome Well Public Participatory Workshop, East Chattanooga, 2016

Founded in 2014, DisArt is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing Disability Culture through art, dialogue, and expert advice.

In response to evolving societal needs and expectations, DisArt Academy provides custom-tailored, beginner, and advanced training and consulting for a diverse array of clients, including non-profits, advocacy groups, civic and governmental entities, corporations, and small businesses. Our focus is to integrate essential values such as Belonging, Care, Dignity, and Access into all aspects of organizational operations.

Our Services

Support at Every Step of Your Accessibility Journey

DisArt Academy collaborates with leading companies and organizations to enhance accessibility and belonging. We specialize in empowering managers and artists through inclusive leadership training and legal guidance, making significant strides toward a fairer society for disabled artists and audiences.

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Flexible Online Learning

We’re creating self-paced, on-demand courses that delve into accessibility and inclusion at your convenience.

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Tailored Consultation

In-person and virtually adapted strategies to meet the unique goals of your organization.