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Voices Accessibility Information

Accessible Seating for Performances

  • Critical Infrastructure has been designed with all needs in mind. There are plenty of open spaces, stadium seating, and standing options throughout the space.

American Sign Language (ASL) 

  • ASL interpreters are not being used during the exhibition. We do, however, recognize that some may require an interpreter during the optional interview process. IF you are someone who requires an ASL interpreter to communicate, we will capture your communication via video rather than audio and have your interview interpreted during the post-production process.

Audio Description

  • Audio descriptions for the photographs and videos in the exhibition can be accessed HERE.

Come and Go Event

  • This is a judgment-free zone. Please feel free to come and go from the stage performances as you need or want to.

Content/Trigger Warning

  • The stories of the Disabled participants included in the exhibition include both pain and life. While the recordings are not explicit, please be aware that stories of alienation, belonging, and the lived experience of disability could allude to traumatic content that may trigger feelings of alienation and loss.

Drop Off Location

  • There is a convenient drop off location and accessible parking spaces on a paved section close to the entrance.

Hearing Loop

  • A temporary hearing loop has been installed outside on Critical Infrastructure.
  • Please set your hearing aid to its ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting upon entering the exhibition.


  • Captions will visible on large monitors throughout the exhibition.


  • An accessible portable toilet is available near the entrance of Tanglefoot connected to the accessible parking lot
  • There are no indoor bathroom facilities.

Sensory Friendly Kits provided by the Children’s Museum

  • Sensory Friendly Kits are available for use. You will be required to leave your driver’s license, state ID, or another form of collateral at the DisArt welcome table.

Social Story

  • A brief description of the exhibition can be found HERE.
  • An 3D virtual tour, photo, and description of Critical Infrastructure can be found HERE.