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DisKumbaya Episode 2 : Adaptive Adventures

In this podcast episode, Dominick Harper recounts his adventurous night at a concert with co-host Amanda Jurysta, both wheelchair users Amanda and Dom share humorous and insightful moments, highlighting the challenges of navigating a world not always built for people with disabilities. From wardrobe mishaps to the exhilaration of experiencing a concert, they highlight the importance of planning, teamwork, and embracing the adaptable spirit of disability.

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4 Wheels Episode 2: Access Fatigue

In today’s powerful episode of ‘Four Wheels’, host Dominick Harper opens up about the challenges of self-advocacy as a disabled individual. He shares his personal experiences with inaccessible housing and the exhausting necessity of constantly fighting for basic needs. Join us for an insightful journey into the reality of living with a disability and the importance of awareness and action.

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