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Historically, there hasn’t been an easy, accessible way for community members to share their gratitude or grief when a disabled friend, colleague or mentor faces mortality. With “The Shift: Letters to Chris” we’ve redesigned the Demand Access app so you can send best wishes and share your favorite moments with DisArt co-founder, Chris Smit. 

Prompts to help you get started….

  1. Tell us how Chris and DisArt have shifted your understanding of disability and/or how you relate to disability?
  2. Share a funny story about Chris.
  3. How have Chris and DisArt positively contributed to your life?
  4. How will Chris’ example, legacy, and DisArt stay with you?
  5. Share a favorite memory, circumstance, or situation of Chris or of you and Chris.
  6. Why is Chris’ example important in your life?
  7. What have you learned from DisArt’s journey?
  8. If you could describe how DisArt makes you feel – in one word – what would that word be? And why? 
  9. or anything else you want to share.

In order to improve access for our community, the DisArt team will add image descriptions, alt-text, and transcripts for all photos, audio files and videos submitted. If you would like to write your own image description, you are welcome to do. This is 100% optional.

By clicking submit you are giving DisArt permission to use your words and images in future publications, or as inspiration for My Dearest Friends Project by artist and friend Oaklee Thiele.
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